The Wakefield Anthem

In Yorkshire near Bethlehem as I have heard told
There Eve was expelled from her evergreen grove
And as she passed by the birds stopped their song
She crawled out of paradise down the A61

She cried; ‘Welcome perdition
I’ve dressed myself in a hope so thin
And abandoned all ambition’

Remember this; The shepherd of men
Was dead once now has risen again
And at his side where the lances went in
Rejoicing was heard for his blood it did sing

It sang ‘Welcome perdition…

The most startling vision that ‘ere I did see
Where the Swale and the Calder meet the Dead Sea
With the face of a man prowling on all fours
The Lion of Judah on the north Yorkshire moors

It cried ‘Welcome perdition…

Now eternal Athens and eternal Rome
Have been relocated to eternal Denholme
Where the hawthorn and the lily wreath round every door
And perpetual gladness avails every soul

We sing ‘Farewell perdition
I’ve dressed myself in a hope so fine
And regained my ambition’