The Golden Boat

I served my time in paradise
(On board the golden boat)
In paradise I served my time
(All on board the golden boat)
Then I sailed down the birth canal
That glistening abyss thru her to hell
Just labouring thru parturient mess
It turned my Blues from blue to red
And I was thrust into the weeping world
The bastard son of my bestest girl
I gave my mum the gay gold ring
It made her weep, it made her sing
Then I tripped down Great Western Road
Singing a pale, irresolvable tune
About the time when Noah sailed
All up the Clyde passed Annandale
Till he stopped at old Govan shore
And proclaimed the New Gomorrah
Where St Lucy and St Jerome
And El Greco and Sir John Soame
Crush ecstasy with penitent’s stone
For beggars at the edge of Rome
That’s burning in its perfect ruin
Just morsals in the mouth of time
Ripped as human flesh from bone
First snarl and scrabble in the womb
Then lifeless in their gothic tomb
And seated in that burning ruin
Cackling, wretched and alone
With eyes like eggs and mouth afoam
Saint Peter on a cedar throne
Ringing on a tongue less bell
The one thats calling us all home
And when I die and I’m ding dong dead
And left this world of joy and dread
Ill be ringing on that tongue less bell
That calls all us poor sods to hell
And tell my darling mother dear
That I’m crawling right back into her
For its there that all my passions formed
Of whiskey, books and hardcore porn
I served my time in paradise
In paradise I lost my mind