Excursions Into Assonance

I have trodden level sand
Along a reach of grey-
From dune’s top to sea’s end,
No breathing thing but me.
I have dropped the heavy latch
Against the rain’s tap,
And shivered by the fire, to watch
The dark hours slip.
The desolate beach, the midnight storm-
I dwelt alone with these;
But here, within your bended arm,
Is loneliness.

I walked upon a vacant shore
Beneath a low and thickening sky;
I faces the empty sea and swore,
“There is no lonelier one than I.”
I waited through a night of lead;
I heard the showers slide and hiss,
And started at my voice, that said,
“No loneliness as been but this.”
But here, my heart against your own,
Your kiss to silence me,
I know that I have never known
How bitter lonely I could be
(by Dorothy Parker)