Colour of Night

Some days I collect the dew in the morning
Some days I inspect the contours of clouds
But with night comes the bitterness I’ve been abating
The moon like a mirror; that milky gloom bringer
Shows me I’m alone

The colour of night brings to life yellow candles
As petrified tears on their wicks run down
But me and the moon we know so much better
Seven years to remember when I cracked the mirror
And tear the night down

Love burns brighter after dark
Like that cipher Joan of Arc
Leaves you cold and charcoal hearted through the day
Those nocturnal, drunk desires
Music, moonlight, rum conspire
And I’ll cling on to your memory like a rosary

The stirring of birds brings to life the dawn morning
A message from bells I longed to receive
As I did my best to remember the omen
In the dreamer’s confession the night knows no bottom
But the bed where he sleeps

Love burns brighter after dark…