All My Favourite Mistakes

Love came and hit me like a sucker punch
And I fell smiling like a sucker does
I wrote a love song called ‘All My Favourite Mistakes’
I was a pushover you were an earthquake

Poor Saint George he could never shake that dragon
He had a walk-on part in this Disney armageddon
And Saint Peter he asked ‘could you bear this life again?’
I was a gentle breeze you were a hurricane

I auditioned for the doo wop death squad
I butchered songs by the Ink Spots back into bloodspots
I had a wrestling match with a wrist and a razor blade
As the ambulance sang ‘All of My Favourite Mistakes’

You made a real mess in the cemetery
Your bucket and spade and your bolo knife did a number on me
I’m just 21 but I feel like I’m 58
On my grave she inscribed ‘All of My Favourite Mistakes’

Love came and hit me like a sucker punch