Wide Majestic Aire mini-album coming soooooooooon!!!!!!!!


5th June, Orion’s Belt, Platform, Glasgow (supporting Idris Ackamoor)
1st August, Orion’s Belt, Glad Cafe, Glasgow (supporting Ed Askew)

6th June, Plague Dogs, Prince Albert, Brighton (supporting Arboretum)
19th June, Plague Dogs, The Black Heart, Camden, London (supporting Arboretum)
24th June, Plague Dogs, Glastonbury, Bandstand Stage (12.30pm)
25th June, Plague Dogs, Leigh Folk Festival, Essex
9th September, Plague Dogs, Bermondsey Folk Festival (supporting Alasdair Roberts)

25th June, Alasdair Roberts Trio, Leigh Folk Festival, Essex
15th July, Aladair Roberts, ReadingPop festival, Reading
19th August, Alasdair Roberts Trio, Greenman Festival (Walled Garden stage- 18.45pm)
9th September, Alasdair Roberts Trio, Bermondsey Folk Festival
15th September, Alasdair Roberts Trio, Good Life Festival, North Wales (w/ Trembling Bells, Alex Rex, Sound of Yell)

28th July, Shirley Collins, Cambridge Folk Festival (8pm)
19th August, Shirley Collins, Greenman Festival, Main Stage (6pm)

11th June, Baby Dee, Hannover